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A basic guide to smart alarm systems

by Steven and Alison McClory 09/14/2023

Homeowners often have many concerns, and security is typically high on the list. Markets are flooded with different types, ranging from professional installations to DIY solutions, which can make the task of selecting the right one a bit daunting.

Here’s your quick guide to reducing that overwhelming feeling and selecting the right home alarm system for your household.

What is a smart alarm?

A smart alarm system provides wireless security over a space and usually comes equipped with security cameras and can detect motion. 

These alarm systems also come with an app that connects to your smartphone, allowing the system to send you a notification if it detects an intrusion or movement. This way, if someone enters the premises, you can be alerted and take the correct action from wherever you are.

Can you have an alarm system without a landline?

Great news! You can have a home security system that doesn’t run off a landline. Many systems run with the use of Wi-Fi or cellular connections. 

Wi-Fi connection is convenient; however, if the Wi-Fi goes down, your system may go down too. And while cellular connection is easy to set up, they may be more expensive to maintain. 

How much does a smart security system cost?

The cost of the system unit varies. The average monthly cost of professional monitoring services is around $40, but can be found for much cheaper depending on the company. The monthly cost is largely dependent on services provided and types of equipment. 

For example, live help requests can cost more than monitoring your home activity on your own. 

Overall, smart security systems can be a protection to your household. Reach out to local home security companies or do a little online research to find the best option for your space. 

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